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Graph not displaying, old browser

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Again, thank you for a terrific website. Being physically disabled, I spend the majority of my day online, and I repeatedly visit testmy.net throughout the course my day to check my internet connection. You have recently fixed a bug I was experiencing concerning testing my download speed, and I greatly appreciate this action. Of late, I find that I am experiencing another minor problem. I used to be able to view a graphic representation of my tests which provided information concerning my internet speed over time. Alas, the graph is not appearing as it once did. Can this be fixed?



Hi Harvey,

Looks like you're using Mozilla 4 as your browser... I've added some code to the site that should revert older browsers like your to the old system I had. Please let me know if it works out for you. You shouldn't have to clear any cache or cookies since this update is server-side.

Why don't you upgrade your browser? Just curious why some people like to hang on to the older browsers.

As always, thanks for your support,

- Damon

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