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Internet Explorer has slower speed test results

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Can you tell me why with firefox the upload speed is 4.2 Mb and with i.e 8 is 1.7Mb? on the same server west coast.

I tested with win 7 and xp service pack 3, same results on explorer its slower then firefox? Its a problem from your site when interact wit i.e? or its a problem with i.e ? How can i solve this?

Thank you a lot

Best Regards

Hi Cara,

This has to be an issue with your browser. Localized to your computer. Some people actually report higher upload speeds with IE... but some report slower. It depends on your specific configuration. If your install of IE has a lot of plug-ins, one or more of them may be interacting with your browsing experience negatively. IE is susceptible to many issues that other browser aren't. I highly recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as they don't carry the same burdens... they are simply put, better browsers. I have recommended IE in the past but today that's not the case, I really can't back that browser today. Not only does it have those problems it also reads and processes programming completely unique to all other browsers. This is a pain for us programmers because it makes us almost have to design everything twice. What this means to the end user is that you're going to visit some websites and not experience it as the designer intended.

Late last year before the release of IE9 I had a telephone conversation with the Senior Product Manager at Microsoft that's responsible for this stuff. I asked him why they don't support webkit as well as other things. He basically told me that programmers should be programming the way that THEY want. I'm sorry, it doesn't work that way. So, instead of providing backwards compatibility to make things look right, like Chrome and Firefox do Microsoft expects people to program specially for them... they want to be the standard. I believe that they've got it wrong, because there is no encompassing standard... there are standards but they can't expect every webmaster to completely follow exact standards... and if they decide to program for webkit browsers and don't also include commands for trident, then the users experience is lacking in design elements and things can be misaligned and misplaced. IE is too strict... and it's slowing down the development of the Internet. I understand making it strict to aid programming in writing clean code but I think it's wrong to push those errors to the end user. Chrome and Firefox go as far as correcting minor errors so that the end users experience is as good as it possibly can be.

IE used to be awesome, don't get me wrong. But unless they start listening to the people who are building the Internet... they will continue to lose market share. I'm already, for the first time in my history, starting to see less IE users than other browsers.

Chrome 27.82%

Internet Explorer 27.49%

Firefox 24.34%

Going back two years...

Internet Explorer 41.68%

Firefox 34.42%

Chrome 12.55%

Going back farther IE has been as high as 85%. I have a lot of traffic that spans the globe so my sample size for those numbers is quite large and is a good representation of Internet traffic as a whole. Microsoft is losing. Unless they change their mentality it will continue. I recommend jumping ship until they come out with a version worthy of your use... almost any browser is better right now.

I hope you like my site and share it, I grow by word-of-mouth only so I appreciate people spreading the word for me.

- Kind Regards,

- Damon Mueller

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