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Where are you located?

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Where are you guys located?

Hi Paul,

I'm in Phoenix Arizona, USA. But my servers are located in Dallas Texas, Washington D.C. and Seattle Washington... right on top of some of the most powerful trunk lines on the Internet. If you're not near one of these states it's not a bad thing. These locations were hand chosen because these are locations where many other websites host... therefore, I believe, providing a more realistic evaluation of your connection speed. Texas, especially, is like a central hub to the United States data communications... this is why I choose to have this as the default testing location and where TMN's home server resides.

As I always say... Do you want to know what your connection speed is to your neighbors house or to where other websites are hosted? I personally could care less what my speed is inside of my hosts network or within my state... in comparison to the locations I've chosen, nobody hosts in Phoenix... so why would my speeds to locations in Phoenix matter? This is why I have a hard time understanding the mentality of some other speed tests on the market. I also strongly believe that ISPs are sending their users to these internally hosted test to mask their peering short comings. "Look, your speed is juuuust fine... must be the website your visiting." -- BS! My aim with TestMy.net is to educate people and expose this malpractice.

- Cheers,

- Damon

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