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Graphs, Sigs, MAX and AVG not updating

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Why is the graph always the same on tests, even though results are different?

Hi Alan,

This is because a setting on the server was recently misconfigured. This was only for a short period of time (a few hours) but you may have visited during the time it was misconfigured. The setting told your browser to cache certain pages when it shouldn't have. On pages with highly dynamic content like the database results this is obviously not ideal. I quickly realized the error but by that time thousands of people had visited. To correct the issue simply clear your browser cache... once the page has been reloaded and it has the correct instructions the issue will be resolved.

The images with the MAX and AVG on your stats page may also have a similar issue... which is also resolved. Just clear your cache... problem solved. If you still have an issue try clearing history, cache and cookies.

Let me know how this works for you. Sorry for any inconvenience.

- Thank you for your continued patronage,

- Damon

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