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Google pays tribute to startrek anniversary :)

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nice one google ,and thanks Mudmanc , I would have missed it as I use Bing ,

Startrek, ? what can I say , I named my International Lazer sail boat "Klingon "

and yes the name was on the starboard bow , why that name ,I loved Startrek

and klingon was very apt while racing , I spent many a happy hour saying FFS just kling on,

long enough to become local club champion , back in the days when steam was top dog

my tribute to startrek

and Lazer racing as I remember it , great to see it hasn't changed apart from my old sail number 1376 .

now they are in the 200K range , heck it's making me feel old

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Lol. I do like Google's homepage for the Star Trek memorial.

In celebration of Star Trek's anniversary I was passing around these two vidoes in the office:

Ooops Smith6612 sorry I missed your post and links ,

my bad on that , especialy

thats got me thinking Picard is a French name ( from Picardy ) now I am wondering, as I thought ,are all French guys gay

that vid don't help , LOL

BTW that a in joke between the English and French , indeed the insults still flow both ways ,

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