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Hey guys just got back into this game since armored kill came out. Anyone on ps3 here? Id love to add you guys. I have a server and a platoon with some members but would like to expand this. Anyone who wants to know my psn it is tcepsuseht ...looking forward to an upgraded desktop and some usage out of a recording setup for ps3 footage.

Any other games for ps3 i am buying will be assassins cred 3 black ops 2 moh warfighter etc. I have no cod games currebtly as bf3 is my favorite. But any ufc wwe gta or whatever. Madden mlb nhl hit me up i like to add some more users to the group.

Looking forward to some more gameplay here in the near future. Of course when warfighter comes out im going to be hitting that hard.

Of course me or the guys i play with arent the greatest but its always a good time online. Whether its hitting an 800m headshot or running out of a collapsing building lmao

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Assassins creed, played most or all of them I don't remember, really the only thing i play , aside repeating orange box over and again when I get all tied up and need to throw logic to the wind. Kidding , actually centers me.

When's the newest coming out , or has it already ?

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anyone needs help im probably gonna have the answer. we are into this game so much that last night i had a mobile artillery vehicle and was using the arc of the rockets to shoot down jets....ok ok...out of a whole night of goofing like that i only got one...but still was hilarious.

and mudman, i believe assassins creed 3 will be released on the 30th of october. so i have pre ordered medal of honor warfighter, (even though it is on very very thin ice due to a movie partnership with zero dark thirty...because of the whole subject of taking out of osama bin laden). but i have pre ordered it because its just a dang game. the game has nothing to do with the subject except a multiplayer map pack that has a few areas that bin laden was hunted for. ..and yes they have been altered. but we know how the system works. small things get blown up, big things get ignored lol.

but yes ac3 and moh: warfighter for sure, and then who knows lol. so many good looking games coming out....perhaps The Last Of Us....that looks awesome.

im hoping to have a crossfire 7970 setup with an i7 3770k, water cooling, 8 or 16gb ram inside of the In-Win dragon rider full tower case by the middle of next year.

I have some things to buy/take care of lol as some of you already know. but hopefully i can pair it with my hauppauge pvr and maybe buy some of the games for pc as well so we can share some of the funny/awesome moments. hell if my platoon wants to i may end up making a simple site for it.

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