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Like WWII Movies and PC games?

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This was shot INSIDE A GAMEWORLD,pretty good.....

http://web.archive.org/web/20021024121407/http://www.6tharmored.org/patches/dunkirk16.avi - 101 Megs

Pretty impressive,nice music.. I dont like this stuff however.... THIS I BELIEVE IS WHY THE WORLD IS SO MESSED UP NOW!!

Games are not supposed to DEPICT REAL LIFE THINGS! (As this whole clip does) -- Most ppl CANNOT SEPERATE FANTASY FROM REALITY and when they are subjected to stuff like this day in and out,WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GONNA HAPPEN??

Nothing good trust me!!

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I think that most people, even kids, can separate games from reality. I also think that realistic games like that could be an outlet for some people who might otherwise act out their fantasies on real people. I would bet you a million bucks that at least one person has had their homicidal tendencies dampened by realistic, bloody, violent video games... at least one. More likely thousands.

... play Modern Warfare and then tell me that you want to go to war. If anything games like that show you how easy it is to be killed in seconds. How it only takes the smallest mistake and BAM, game over. (for people that have been to war, I'm not at all truly comparing the two... real war is obviously nothing like a video game)

The video games are just training us for the day when were're fighting remotely with robots. The 1337 players will get the invite. :-P

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Interesting analogy ca3le. Because your right, it takes one .223 hit to remove your liability to shit in your pants. No redo. No restart or return to previous level, no more quick images of titties while no ones looking.

Myself I enjoy the puzzle of the games, this is why I play over and again, HL2 ep-1 and ep-2 , you don't run around killing humans, but working to accomplish something for the greater good, not forgetting that everything is a puzzle.

Can't remember the nsame of the game where everything was serious puzzles, not real graphical, you point to a symbol and poof your there, damn I'll remember later. But AC to me is got it all , aside having to do a lot of swinging a blade ( which imo is better then a pistol any day ) , the game gives meaning and promotes good feeling. Which when you turn it off, you don't feel inclined to be pissed , jump over a burnt out tank, toss a grenade and scope someone while waiting for recon to land close LMAO

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