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What's Up from Afghanistan!


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Hello All,

I am a new user on here and I signed up because I have just started working in Afghanistan and I have recently signed up for service through BusinessCom using iDirect. I have an X3 Modem and subscribe to a 1024 Kbps Down and 256Kbps Up package. I found this site while trying to find a test site that would give me real results. I really enjoy the ability to Auto Test. Using the Autotest, I can test my network while I am away from my computer and get a good test during non-peak hours. I would like to ask more questions from people who are using iDirect Satellite in the Middle East. My average speed for Download is around 400Kbps and upload is averaging 39Kbps. At a price of 761.00/mo, I really need a good place to test my connection like this. Where would I find the right place to post about my issue and get enough information to communicate my issues with my ISP. Right now I am just hearing from them that they see that I have a really good signal and really good numbers.

Thanks in advance,



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Yo WAG I'm going to propagate your thread around a bit, see who we can scrape up that is using iDirect same as you.

I know there's a few members here that are currently deployed, we just have to get there attention

Hang tight, check back often , and hell , report your usage and test results so others can compare

thanks !

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First, I assume by your username that you're a Marine, thank you for your service.

You're paying $761 USD per month for that connection?! Holy cow!

It's entirely possible that you have perfect signal and still have slow speeds. You might be losing speed in International routing. You're only averaging 1/2 of your download and less than 1/6 of your upload. But your maximum download speed of 846 Kbps is acceptable for your 1000 Kbps (1Mbps) line. Generally 80% or higher of the advertised speed is a good number. I see that your connection improved quite a bit early yesterday. That upload however is still horrible. You should get no less than 200Kbps.

A really popular Arabic DSL forum is adslgate.com -- if you use Google Chrome to navigate that site it makes it easier to translate to english if you can't read Arabic. A lot of people that use that site also use TestMy.net to test their speeds. Getting help from people in the region might prove more useful.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Arabic reads right to left because thousands of years ago the left hand was used to hold the chisel, hammer in the right. Going from right to left made it so the person writing wouldn't drag their hand across their work. This is why many of the ancient languages read from right to left.

I hope this helps. If you find a solution or reason for the problem could you please update this thread, it may help someone else in the future.

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Thank you for your responses. Here are my speed tests. https://testmy.net/quickstats/usmcwag

I have seen an increase in my download speeds, but not my upload. This is a shared bandwidth service thing, so the speeds to up and down all the time. OF course, after I paid for the service and started complaining about the upload speed, they immediately said I could get a better upload if I increased my plan for more $. Ha


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Thanks and welcome aboard from me too usmcwag. You cleaned and defragged? Of course shared bandwidth and halfway around the world, those look pretty good. Just saying is all. :read:

I am mainly concerned with the upload speed. I am not too familiar with the way Satellite works, but I think I should get a burst close to my max sometime, but I can't get even get to half my burst capability.


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I used hughes satelite for years, and the first problem I saw looking at your tests is the test you are using is way too small. It will give small speeds. Honest. Don't go with less than a 3mb size test. It takes over a mb to just get warmed up.

And I have to be honest also, hughes never gave burst speeds in the day. So not sure on that one. And if I am correct boost is usually with D/L ..... no?

As far as how does satelite work it flies 20,000 miles up and the same back to make speed. And that is what the lag of satelite is, and unstoppable at any speed. Here is an example.


Also making sure the modem is grounded of static helped a lot, and I did it everytime I turned the computer on, besides disk clean and defrag. Yes daily routine.

Hope that helped. :read:

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