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Are those speeds average results or one time test results? I typically get speed test results that vary by 20% to 100% from test to test. Not because of the testmy site or my hardware/OS but because of what's going on out on the Internet.

The right 1/2 of the plot above was taken over a period of about 10 minutes. Some points were using Safari, and some were using Mercury (Firefox on iPad). Time Warner Cincinnati speeds are always all over the place from minute to minute but generally my averages are 8 down, and 0.8 up.

This morning Time Warner's loading seems to be pretty varied. Speeds in the middle of the night usually vary by 20% or less from minute to minute.

And I get similar results to this iPad on my iMac running 10.8, my wife's MacBook Pro running 10.6.8

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These are average results, they are very consistent from one test to another (+/- 10%) since I installed a DOCSIS 3.0 Modem. Used to get wide variations with DOCSIS 2.0. On TWC. Usually use the Auto Test feature to run a bunch of tests. On Windows 7 Pro running on year old Dell Vostro 3555 laptop with AMD processor A6.

On IE9, I get 19-20 Mbps Down and 1.95 Mbps Up. Chrome and Firefox Down usually 20-25% lower than IE9. Up all are 1.95.

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Its kind of a bit of a wild guess, but I guess it could be possible that the IE9 is useing a more optimal MTU for your system. I think that would be more likely to be true on your XP box anyway.

Perhaps have a play with this, It doesnt change your MTU but allows you to change some stuff that might effect your testing. Use at own risk!


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