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Silly Question for Cal3e or who ever......


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Advertising baby!

Bandwidth is cheap compared to what people pay for a slice of attention.

How do you think TestMy.net has survived for so long without ever charging anyone? As long as people keep supporting my advertisers, I don't care how much bandwidth they draw. YouTube has massive bandwidth needs... but is also massively supported by advertising.

Another thing to consider. YouTube, is owned by Google... Google created AdSense. People that post YouTube videos can link their AdSense account and earn a portion of the revenue from Google. So not only is bandwidth not a factor to them... they're making enough that they're willing to share profit... and give you the Lion's share. It pushes people to create higher quality content... Google is truly smart.

... Oh and how they store it. A lot of servers... across the globe. And a lot of memory.

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