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how do i keep the screen maximized?


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i am puzzled....some of my screens are minimized when i open them. Ive gone to the folder options to "remember each folders last view", but this doesn't work. i maximize it and close it but it still opens minimized? i used to know a tweak that keeps it open maximized but i cant for the life of me remember it.

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i have xp. i used to do this tweak...something like holding shift or ctrl at the same time as the close button on the top right corner. but it doesnt wok anymore. i have a favorites saved and everytime i open it it is restored down (the button next to the x) what i want is for it to open maximised when i open the favorites link. ive tried the settings in the folders option but it doesnt work. i know it gotta be a simple process but i cant figure it out

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i tried looking for what u said but that doesnt work for favorites. i dont get the same screen anyways. i have since tried a different approach.....i maximised the favorite and resaved the page but it still opens "restored down". not minimised but restored down. i dont get it....its just so annoying. i have to maximise the page everytime i open it.

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