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The British conception of America

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A Point of View: The British and their bizarre view of Americans

interesting articale if you fancy a longish read


Quote from Will Self the author ,

"But in fact the British conception of America remains hopelessly confused. Love and hate are intimately co-mingled, and there is no single cultural artefact or presidential utterance that doesn't set off a dissonant chain reaction in the heart and mind of the average Briton, whatever his or her political standpoint."

"Will" makes makes a good point , I have little interest what happens in France only 22 miles away accross a narrow sea , but America 3000 miles away intrigues and exasperates me at the same time . and indeed two emotions at once can only lead to confusion IMHO

Happy new year


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I think many Americans (myself being one) are just as confounded by what appears on TV, in the movies, and in print/online publications these days. Almost none of it has anything to do with the reality of most Americans. Sensationalism to get market share has produced the most warped mish-mash of reality junk and fantasy crap that pulls in the young and the brainless.

The reality is that most of us live lives that are very normal...whatever that is; worrying either about money or the future now because of the financial instability, searching for intelligent and meaningful entertainment, caring for pets, working on hobbies or projects, being friends with our spouses, and listening to music we have chosen. We spend a significant amount of time wondering who watches this crap, or who believes this crap.

I watch as much British TV and movies as I do American. American TV has always rarely been good, typically no more than a couple of really good shows at any given time. I watch almost exclusively movies and shows from Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, and virtually never turn on network TV except for sporting events.

The America that the rest of the world sees is rarely portrayed on TV. The music on the billboard top 100 has always been what teenagers are buying and rarely represents what most Americans listen to. The movie industry produces 100 bad movies for every good one. The headlines in much of the news is designed to disturb us so that we'll take up one side or another on some issue, and is mostly written by people with agendas.

There's great cultural and economic diversity here, and also a great diversity of intelligence and taste. The only way we have to filter out the unintelligent and tasteless stuff is to vote with our pocketbook. The reality of it is that the very diversity that gives us stuff that is great, also produces stuff that is junk. It seems that the tasteless and the mindless have enough purchasing power to support the junk side of it.

As the song says: "People say believe half of what you see, Son, and none of what you hear."

I would guess that average American, Canadian, or British people of reasonable intelligence are virtually the same. I would also guess that the mindless and tasteless in each are the same also. I have no idea if the proportions of society in each are the same, but would guess they are similar as we're stuck with the biological statistical curve that keeps producing morons that keep appearing on TV, in the movies, and in online/printed words.

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You sound as if you have been raised in Ohio goodwin -- movie quote lol

As Ohio has been summed up as a microcosm of the entirety of America as a whole.

Great summation really, although the attempt to describe the neutrality we all share outside of the constant and very real propaganda, which flows as the jet stream around the planet, this alone would be a very long conversations made of a diverse groups of the above listed.

Funny, in china , they see American culture as and I'll quote 'cowboy's and gangsters' -- which goes to show what reality they, as a whole are receiving from their media. Just an example.

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I agree with Pgoodwin1 , although in my

work experience across Europe, folk as you say of reasonable intelligence, do think the same way, although the ratio changes between countries,

It seems to vary depending on Government involvement , or to be more precise the level of social benefits , i.e F*ck taking responsibility for my life , the Government will provide , we sure have our fill of those in the UK ,

But it goes beyond intelligence IMO , it’s the loss of personal pride , and maybe hope for the future ? , maybe that involves advertising building unobtainable desires .

And prompting fear if you cant afford the latest must have ,

I still don’t own a TV , ( it’s been 22 years now ) and a lot of new technology passes me by , but my Daughter ( with the 47 channels TV ) gave me a Kindle fire for Christmas , it’s great , that gorilla glass is incredible ,


and as Mudmanc said “Funny, in china , they see American culture as and I'll quote 'cowboy's and gangsters' -- which goes to show what reality they, as a whole are receiving from their media. Just an example.”

It was the same for me way back , it was cowboys and injuns back then ,

We Brit kids always cheered for the Injuns .

And wondered why the Lone ranger had a horse called Silver , and Tonto had scout ,

The lone ranger used silver bullets , we often wondered where? or who he stole the silver from ,

Just my thoughts

Roco ..UK

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Much like many still believe the queen still chops off the heads of those that don't behave? :azn: Or that all Eknglishmen do is drink tea and tell lousy jokes? Yes I know different now. Thank god for the internet on some things as always.

I hear all the time about new technology, when in fact some old things still are better than some of the new. Best is still a mixture of both for the truly best. Just saying. :read:

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I think you are part right there bro , indeed tea is still the national drink ,

Hence the ½ empty Starbucks etc , although I am partial to a Irish Coffee , (wink )

(not sold at Starbucks) but served at my local tavern by the delectable Julia the bar maid,

It was a sad day the Queen lost the right to chop of heads , the masses lost out on a free spectacle , and the street traders lost heavy on pie sales ,

“eh by gum that wus a gret ax job weout a doubt and rigt neet head catch t’in basket”

Maybe it was for her own safety , as many a Royal head has rolled of the block in the past , hence our gracious Queen is of German linage ,

The Internet , a great tool indeed , and is reshaping the world , IMHO

British Humour ? , yeah it's odd , mostly a veild insult or deep sarcasm , it stems from living in a monarchy,

past kings employed court Jesters for amusment , but being clever with words they knew how to insult without the King realising ,

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