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hello all,

Im having an issue where when i boot into windows xp everytime a process called priill.exe runs and floors my processor i have checked for spyware multiple times and seem to be free of that, i did see a post in here a while back about something similar, but i cant seem to find it in the old post dump. oh one other thing this file is located in my windows/system32 folder and of course if i kill it my pc runs fine.....any ideas on what this might be cant find any info google or otherwise

thanks in advance


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my guess is that is some type of trojan or spyware that is too new for the spyware detectors to pick up... You might want to try disabling it in the registery so that when you start your computer it doesnt run... If I were you I wouldnt remove it by simply deleting it... That folder is really sensitive. The best be is to run a virus scan with updated defs and maybe give it a few weeks then run a adware scan... If this is really bothering you... the only other thing that you can try is running a repair session from the windows xp cd... This should repair any files that dont belong there in that folder... However I have seen computers programs stop working after this occures... The best bet if none of the other stuff works is to just reformat and reinstall.. Pain in the ass ya... I will continue looking around to see if I can find anything... post some more detail about the file and what folder it is in.... If none of that works submit it to symantec...

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