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Oh my gosh, AMD vs Intel......


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I was looking into the Amd FX 8350. IMHO, Nice chip, good price. While looking at reviews and such, saw the same old tired debate of AMD Vs Intel. 


The short version. Looks like many are wiling to pay that extra 100 bucks or more for a chip that says intel on it so they can brag about benchmarks. 


I have yet to see ANY video of Intel being able to do something the similar AMD chip cant. 


Yea, the Intel may give you 10 fps more in a game, But if the game is running smooth, no lags and no stuttering, your never gonna notice the difference between the two. 


How they consider the AMD the lower end gaming machine is retarded. Yes the Intel will give you better benchmarks, In the real world you will never notice the difference. 


I look at both chips like a car. Ok, your intel car can go 150 miles, my AMD car  can only do 130 miles a hour.


Problem is, we are both on a road that only allows top speeds of 80 miles a hour. 


I paid 200 bucks for my car, you paid 300 bucks for your car, Now tell me that makes sense. 




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