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AMD Vs Intel......please........


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Ok, So I have my computer built, Paid For and just waiting on it. Did some research into the latest Intel vs the Latest Amd. Just wanted to make sure I wanted to build another AMD.


The amount of Wrong information I found in forums, and the whole INTEL is a way better gaming cpu rants I saw Drove me Crazy. All I saw was INTEL benchmarks SO much better so its a better chip.  


Well ok, How about in the real world?? How does it do ? I found the information out there is simply WRONG!! So I will post a video at the end of this mess to show you how well the AMD goes against the Intel. Oh did I get the flames. One guy said, the There is a noticeable difference with the INTEL just smoking the AMD.


Ok, Well I posted My video to prove AMD is just as good as INTEL with gaming, Now you post a video showing me this "noticeable Difference" you claim. I dont want benchmarks, I want real world results. Both Chips, Same setup, Same Settings. 


Funny, He never responded. Why, if there was a noticeable difference between the two cpus youtube would be flooded with videos showing us. The intel Fan boys would just eat it up. 


Im NOT a amd fanboy, or Intel fan boy. I am a fanboy of getting the best value for my dollar. Both chips are nice, to many other factors besides cpu dictates computer performance.


So from now on when I get the whole INTEL is SUCH a better chip, Well skip the benchmarks, Show me video proof of a real world noticeable difference.  Bet thats one video I never find. 




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