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Bad Upload Speeds on Central & Automatic Servers all day today but...


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All three Beta demo servers give me my typical upload speeds. Did something change on the TestMy servers today? It was working fine yesterday.

On the Central and Automatic server upload tests I consistently am getting 400-500 Kbps

On all three Beta Demo servers I'm getting 800-900 Kbps, which is about what I normally get (and got on the TestMy servers yesterday)

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cleaned up your double post.


as for the central server i'm seeing normal results here! in excess of my current connections max of 30Mbps i just hit a 31Mbps




but you are correct the mirror is showing higher for me infact a bit higher then normal




i wonder if the mirror has gzip compression enabled or something

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My TestMy Upload Issue:

Something changed between these times - on Central and Automatic TestMy servers

Sat Feb 02 2013 @ 1:09:22 am 1.5 MB 833 Kbps

Sat Feb 02 2013 @ 8:49:16 am 1.5 MB 474 Kbps

- Virtually everything prior to the 1:09 AM test had given me similar results on

Central and Automatic TestMy servers - normal is about 800 Kbps

- My 14 day upload avg through 02-01-2013 is 777 Kbps

Beta server testing today - results similar to yesterday

Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 8:21:21 am 1 MB 791 Kbps - on Chicago demo

Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 8:22:32 am 1 MB 838 Kbps - on Dallas Demo

Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 8:23:30 am 1 MB 794 Kbps - on Doolgo.com

Today on TestMy servers

Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 8:27:23 am 1 MB 422 Kbps - on Central server

Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 8:26:27 am 1 MB 480 Kbps - on Automatic server

All tests run using a 1 MB test size, on an iPad 2 with the latest OS and Safari

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My upload test speeds are always very consistent; never much variation. The same is still true - still very little variation, just a lot lower since yesterday morning. I get similar results using different test sizes on the TestMy servers - 512 K, 1 MB, 1.5 MB.

On the Beta servers, there are no 512 K or 1.5 MB file size options, but I get similar consistent speeds using 1 MB or 3 MB test sizes.

Note. I see no difference in Download speeds between my historical and current TestMy results. The only difference is the Upload speeds. And all three Beta demo servers give me both Download and Upload speeds consistent with my test history on the TestMy servers.

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Another note - I get similar results on my iMac
Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 9:33:55 am    1 MB        494 Kbps  - upload on Central server
Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 9:35:32 am    14.1 MB    16.59 Mbps - download on Central Server
Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 10:22:27 am    1 MB        454 Kbps - upload on Automatic Server
Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 10:21:58 am    12 MB    10.24 Mbps - download on Automatic server
Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 10:29:51 am    1 MB        865 Kbps - upload on Chicago demo server
Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 10:31:04 am    12 MB    10.32 Mbps - download on Chicago demo server
Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 10:33:35 am    1 MB        909 Kbps - upload on Dallas demo server
Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 10:34:40 am    12 MB    14.99 Mbps - download on Dallas demo server
Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 10:35:52 am    1 MB        866 Kbps  - upload on Doolgo demo server
Sun Feb 03 2013 @ 10:36:51 am    12 MB    11.24 Mbps - download on Doolgo demo server
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As of right now, the Central and Auromatic TestMy servers are now giving me the correct upload speed measurements.

Things look right with both my wireless iPad and my wired iMac.


Some time today, things got well:

Central TestMy server

Thu Feb 07 2013 @ 12:05:58 pm 1 MB Upload: 454 Kbps

Thu Feb 07 2013 @ 10:38:28 pm 1 MB Upload: 792 Kbps

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Happy to report that the upload speeds on the TMN Central server are still "fixed". whatever happened there on the 7th has made the issue go away.

I'm getting similar Upload speeds on the Central, Automatic, Chicago Demo, Dallas Demo, and Doolgo servers.

I'm getting similar Download speed results on the Central, Chicago Demo, and Dallas Demo servers. The Automatic server gives me slightly lower download speeds (~20%), which is understandable given it's more circuitous routing (at least that's what my understanding is). The Doolgo Demo server download speeds are still only about 1/3 of what "normal" is on the Central, Chicago Demo, and Dallas Demo servers give, but that's understandable given the comments I've heard about that server.

I'm beginning to re-learn what "Normal" upload speeds are since Time Warner upgraded their base serve from 10 to 15 Mbps minimum. What's amazing is that I'm typically exceeding that 15 Mbps number by a little. In the past, under their prior 10 Mbps service I exceeded the minimum maybe two or three times in a year.

I have a Motorola DOCISS 2 cable modem. I can buy a DOCISS 3 for about $75. I'm wondering if that upgrade would buy me much given that I'm already typically exceeding the 15 Mbps min they "guarantee". Any thoughts on that?

Also, I've never once reached Time Warner's 1 Mbps "guaranteed" upload speed either under their old or their new upgraded service. I've always gotten about 0.8 Mbps. Not sure if a DOCISS 3 modem would help with that either

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Been watching this thread since I noticed my upload was showing around 3.3mbps of my 5mbps upload. Now mine too is back to normal;

And I just noticed I'm number 13 on the fastest members list? You guy's n gal's with the super-fast connections need to test more often!








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