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Unique Identifier Question


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Before you run a test, how do you set which Unique Identifier will get the test data -  i.e. If I want my iMAc test data to go into the Den/Study, which Menu/Button do I use?


I thought there used to be a button on the Home Page to allow you to do this, but it's not there now. When I choose the Download Test from the menu, that page doesn't have the ID button either, nor does the Download test page.


I have past test data for Den/Study, but now when I run a new test on the same computer, it's going into some other identifier, and I don't know where it's going. I have to use "All Identifiers" to see the test results under "Your Results"

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I also think some of the prior history data that was linked to my "Den/Study" ID went under some other identifier. I only have a few days of history under Den/Study now. I didn't check all of my different computer Idents yet to SE if they got un-linked.

This issue is no big deal. I know what normal looks like for each computer.

The issue that's a bigger deal (to me) is the low readings for upload testing on the TestMy Central and Automatic server settings. That issue is under:


I post these issues only to provide you info for troubleshooting when you get the time. None of it is a source of great aggravation....haha. I'm retired and barely aggravated about anything.

CA3LE....disregard my last post. The history data under Den/Study is there. I had 180 days selected at the top of the Results, but I didn't have "Show Max" selected for the graph and table.

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