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How many monitors are you using ?


Number of monitors you use  

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  1. 1. How many monitors are you using?

    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Four
    • Four+
    • I don't use monitors - I have this cable pokin' out of the back of my skull
  2. 2. Do you use more than one machine - multiple monitors

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I'm out of hand here really, once I get going I've got access to the local svn, backup server, several layers of tab filled browser windows, too many shells for transferring files , even an ftp client for those times it's just quicker, photoshop, coda2 , pathfinder , another browser for pandora , stock quote streaming { just in case roco sells me some BP shares} and who knows a dozen other things. Email, customer support, skype uhhhg!


Problem is with this mac it's limited to two screens -- not good. Too many layers, no , nothing in osx helps anymore. Just too much I have going at a time to quickly pick something. I end up having to grab the mouse God forbid and tick the icon for shits sake.


Screen realestate is more valuable then a drink of water for a dry scratchy eye ball from staring at screen for too long.


Is it time to get a 60" for the office ? Or a mac pro with capable graphics cards that I can use some of these other monitors connected to other shit in here ?


Again , i would grab one of the USB video cards but the turds are sticking to their prices for the last year @ 50 bones for a cheapo decent one. Not gonna happen. Should be 20 bucks or less by now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


/frustrated so much I took time to vent this worthless thread.

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An entire monitor for email damn - lucky one are we not ?

I use four when I am at work. Generally I leave Email open on one, and two of our monitoring tools open on two of the others. The third is usually empty with a few Lync Windows open for our inter-work communications.



Should add a poll sure.

One always suited me.  :read:


If you really want to know maybe a poll?

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Every couple months I chuck everything outside of the flagged (needed) business messages, yet most everything is internal support request notifications that don't need read anyhow.



It's time to make that move now.


When will you have time to read 5K messages ? Or do you get these constantly ? Just curious since it was brought up. If i don't stay on top of it I don't get paid.


Here's something for you to gander at lol   This is my spam server reports ~ Mind you these have nothing to do with those that are accounts not going through the local client which do not need to be run through the spamserver. I can't even imagine how many total messages



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I usually just read the subject and from header of all my messages, and if it looks important I continue reading. I have about 8K emails in the 5K unread folder right now, and I have about 7K in that 6K unread folder as well. Most of my emails are from here or another site I am on, or some other subscription I have.

For example, of the eight emails I have already gotten today, two are from here and six are notifications from another site.

I usually don't need to read about 75% of my emails.



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before i switched to my laptop i used a 21 inch acer widescreen monitor and a 17 inch monitor for a dual setup. basically had it set up so that i could easily switch the ps3 on and use the 21 inch monitor for that and still have a single monitor for pc. (this was before i had an hdtv)

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Well this topic went over like a lead balloon lol

All I know is I use 2 monitors lol


right now I have 23" LED 2ms monitor for gaming and a 19" for everything else on the side while I am gaming.


back in 04' was the last time I used a single monitor set up

in 05' I picked up a second crt and never looked back lol

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