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Just signed on.  I've been having connection issues. I have to reset my modem 2-3 times a week. I call tech help, but feel I'm being massaged into accepting techs help to get back on line. I think the problem is in the feed from the street. I have two methods to use the signal. First is a ethernet connection to my desktop. Second is an Apple Airport for our phones and a Apple Macbook. More than one tech has said the Apple airport causes problems and slows down the feed.  I comment,  the ethernet also goes down. Back and forth. Frustrating. Life was so much simpler when post cards were the way to connect!!

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I have a similar setup in my house. An Ethernet connected iMac (plugged into the AirPort Extreme), and two iPhones, two iPads and a MacBook Pro connected wirelessly thru the AirPort Extreme. I have various other Ethernet connected BluRay players, a dual G4 Powermac, and a Roku hooked up to a gigabit switch and that all goes to a router then to the modem. the AirPort Extreme hooks to that switch also. I occasionally have to reset my modem, but only every other month or more.

Them telling you that the AirPort Extreme is the bottleneck is just BS. I get Time Warner's "guaranteed" 15 MBps upload speeds even on my iPads.

Not sure which Airport model you have (Extreme or Express). also not sure if your desktop Ethernet is connected to the Airport (if it's an Extreme base station). Describe your whole setup to us. It's hard to define some troubleshooting steps without knowing more about how you have everything hooked up.

One thing you can do when you're having a problem (before resetting the modem) is to take the laptop and tie it directly to the cable modem....disconnect the router connection if that's what you have. If you're still aging the problem, it's likely that the problem is either the modem or their hardware outside.

If you've called them multiple times, then they should send a skilled technician out to check out their equipment. They can't tell everything from their nome base, they need to come out to your house.

In the next to last paragraph, "aging" should have been "having"

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