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System monitor with 24 CPUs / Weird pattern from bonding


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I thought this was kinda crazy looking. Here's what the system monitor for the home server looks like. So many processing threads I have to scroll to see them all. 




That's a lot of processing threads doing a lot of stuff. This is under off-peak load, I'll post a screenshot from the middle of the day later.


The network history is kind weird, it goes in and out, I'm sure it's because of the bonding I have (combining two gigabit ethernet ports). Only reason I can think of that would cause a wavy pattern to emerge in that graph... when the actual connection is flowing steadily.  Anyone know of a way to get gnome-system-monitor to report correctly for a bonded connection?  Or does anyone know of another good linux system monitor available?


This displays the pattern better.  It goes in and out. Because it's balancing the load between two interfaces.  I need to know how to tell it to look at the bond interfaces not eth1 or eth0 but I don't see options.  I think if it looks at bond0 it will see them combined, which would result in a fluid graph... but I'm not sure.


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I'm talking about the bandwidth graph being wavy, not the CPU graph.  I know for a fact that the bandwidth on the server isn't actually doing that.  After reading more about how bonding really works it makes sense why it would look like that if it was only looking at one controller. Chanel bonding explained better than I can.  I either have 802.3ad or balance-rr, not sure because Softlayer installed everything for me.


I run RHELS (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server) 6.4 Santiago... I always run RHELS on my home server.  I've used Red Hat since my first dedicated server, which goes back to before this speed test was called TestMy.net.  I've always been impressed by it's security and stability.  When I do have downtime it's NEVER a fault of my operating system... I mean never.  Powerful operating system for web servers.


Here's under a load of 4, the server can handle 24 before user transactions become delayed.




I run Ubuntu on my other boxes because it's easier to work with sometimes.  I'm not as concerned with security on those servers as I am on the main server.  But I'm finding that Ubuntu is pretty awesome for a web server too.  I'm running 12.04 on pretty much all my boxes now.  I've had up times with some of my older Ubuntu 10.x servers up into 400-500 days.  But then again, I wasn't pushing the kind of traffic through those servers as I am with TMN's home server.  .....so, I'd rather not test out changing what has worked for me since the beginning.  RHELS gets the job done, does exactly what I tell it to do and nothing more.  That's what you want when you're building a web server, nothing to weigh it down.

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I forget now... what did they call it when you bonded two 56k modems?  


... I actually never even got 56k, I went from 33.3k dial-up to 3Mbps/128Kbps cable modem. I got it right when it became available, probably one of the first people in the US to get a cable modem, hence the nick.  Funny, the first 56k modem I bought was like 4 years later... got it for a fax modem.  Going from 33.3k to 3Mbps blew my mind at the time.  Nearly 100x faster.  Obviously I wanted to test it, that's when the predecessor to TestMy.net was born.

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Without looking it up my skull has pitched that bit,  I stood on the shoulders of the good ol' boy's on the channels, windows 2k and a p3 proc w/ EDO ram , and like nothing for vram lol


haha, I remember getting hold of a couple external modems, I was floored and loved it! One of them was a serial connection :mrgreen: (rs232 for those that want to know)

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