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Cloudflare on high traffic site - slave DNS


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All the great talk about cloudflare rousted me to give it a shot. I'm not bashing them yet trying to get a grip on serving the content I need to serve, when it is requested. The content I have rarely changes aside from constant additions. This is an image based site, so bandwidth is off the charts compared to anything else I have going.


Granted at the moment I only have a percentage of files available (14GB out of 6 TB), yet since last week when changing to CF DNS the sites been slammed with crawler bots by the thousands ( which is a good thing -- if it settles in soon after fetching everything.) All the while the uniques have dropped off drastically.




Visitors are greeted by this lovely CF page ~



I'm aware that cloudflare likes to be the authoritative DNS due to changing the hosts IP , as this is little more than a threat detection service which has changed into a CDN.


However since caching locally files of this size is not an option a CDN is necessary, as is availability, which is not happening. At least at this point.


So before I get into an issue with CF's DNS and their means, I'm going to add a slave DNS, or the host's DNS , anyone see an issue with this ? Or have done something of the sort ?




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