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The more isp customers the slower its speed?

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I seem to observe that when there are many subscribers using an isp at the same time, then its speed slows down even to just a crawl, or gets paralyzed.


And there is nothing I can do about it except to bear with it or use the isp later when less subscribers are using it.


I observe it to be that way because everytime people are no longer at work away from their computer and free to surf the net, then that is the time when my isp gets to download and upload so very slowly, even to not move at all.



I think there should be a law to limit the number of subscribers an isp can sell its service to, as to still give a decently fast service to all its customers at all time of the day everyday.



What are the observations of guys here?





Marius de Jess

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That's all very true. What you should do is during the periods tat it's slowed down, call the ISP support and tell them what's happening. And when they haven't fixed the problem, call them again. And keep doing that until they elevate the problem and upgrade the system you are on. I you know other people that are experiencing a similar problem with that ISP, urge them to call in the problem too.

The ISP will try to get by with as many people as possible on one "channel" I'll call it. And until,people start to complain about service slow down, they think everything is running fine for everybody

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