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Its time to retire my geek self


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While I just had a new big bad computer built, kinda wish I would not of done it, and it will be my last.  I truly wish I would of went with a new tablet. 


GF got herself a smart phone, after playing with it, thought man I want this without the silly phone. After seeing what all she can do with it, man why did I bother with a computer and saved money and hassle and joined the masses with a new tablet. 


So this computer, Its my last. Find myself enjoying simple games, not the complex ones anymore. Find myself getting away from my computer more and caring less and less about it. 


After 15 plus years of computers, and fixing em, building em, and hours of frustration. I have had enough. 


While I will always try to keep a desktop just in case, the days of having a monster are done after this one. Think i am just getting old, caring less about em, and burnt out on em. 


If someone would offer me a fair price for this one, I would sell it in a heart beat. Just in case you ask, 1500 would buy it, not trying to sell it on the net. 

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I dunno dude, just my opinion but the mobile thing, at least with the devices we are offered at this point is a buildup to a much larger 'thing' -- but not for quite some time.


Myself I cannot see having just a mobile device, I don't want to type on a screen or find a place or a way to hold some fragile slice of overpriced tech. I'm not bashing them , just saying personally I can't see restricting myself to something like that.


Hell I'm always waiting to get a larger screen , another screen, a faster proc w/ more memory to handle the several applications (no - not apps lol I still have enough energy to finish the word )


Yes if all you do is email youtube pinrest or of the likes then I can see it.


At the same time with this fad all I see is a nation / planet filling up with end users instead of people getting more interested in developing and furthering their imagination, by expressing it through code, which is what all these things use to display a pretty image of a donkey with a chimp huggin it , or better yet , a nice looking female with a birdy hanging out on her well endowed chest -- yup I said it :P


Anyhow from my viewpoint, I'm 43 and been playin around inside machines since before we had that thing called the internet,  I find myself delving deeper as time goes, always playing catchup, learning new ways to do things I've used for years but never gotten into enough to actually develop.


Just saying, try not to look down , try and look forward. Always learn something new, I believe that and quite possibly that alone is what keeps the mind in shape. That excitement of something new to add , the frustration of not knowing what to do next to achieve your minds projection and bring it to fruition . And finally implementing your creation, and all the time moving forward with the next ongoing dilemma you've conjured up mentally.


I've been repeating this for years in a jocular manner , but years ago sitting with an elderly man ( which can be very much more rewarding in so many ways it's almost impossible to describe, getting the thoughts out of wisdom) thoughts are tools to be used for advancement, anyhow , the man said to me funny enough , you know how to stay alive ? He said , no , really , alive and well ? Keep your woman working , keep her mind moving and yours as well , otherwise the woman goes off the deep end and gets lost within her and your own box. And you'll soon join her there. Wherever that is.


Mental Vision - keep it !

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Got kinda deep there mudmanc4... lol

I've typed my posts today on my iPhone... I'm often on the iPad... But you need a desktop for certain things. Not all people need a desktop these days however. Mobile devices are really coming into their own. I sometimes do a hybrid... I use an app called Jump to Remote Desktop into one of my Macs. (Christian found a good free one called LogMeIn) And then use my iPad kinda like a normal computer, mouse and all. Really helpful if I'm out of the house and something on the site needs administration... I can do it on my iPhone and iPad.

I think the majority of people could get by with just an iPad or tablet. Even for strenuous work... Just hook up peripherals and it's like a desktop computer. Might not even need that with Google Glass http://www.google.com/glass/start/ --- I imagine within 5 years you can have the feed directly in your mind on the consumer level. Want to play a game... want to search for something... want to send a text or email... you just think about it and your mind connects to the Internet. The possibilities once that is widespread are endless. Especially once it becomes heavily developed. Mark my word... It will happen in your lifetime.

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Haha, yes, for some reason - it happens.


When i think of where technology is going, not sure if the google glass thing is such a great idea. As you say look where it will lead.


Just think about it and it happens. Uhhg , that could be dangerous -- aka cyber doinking lmao Law suits by the crate full -- " he cyber doinked me " , no I did not , I did have a look at your voluptuous poop box though on my way to the market HA ! lol

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