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NY-DC speed tests now seem cached on testmy.net

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for about a week now i'm seeing higher than usual speed testing here.  i'm on standard tier 15/1 docsis2 modem based service this past year i would see 19.7/1.0 tops while testing here weekly.  but for the past week i'm intermittently testing at 22, 25, and even had one test over 30 (i deleted it thinking it was a fluke, but the result link was https://testmy.net/tkw2dZ0.MsWy4dF.png ), and often doing 40/2 megabyte tests - this should not be possible giving my service and modem.  oddly i still get the same 32/1 inflated results from speedtest.nyc.rr.com i always got only 4 hops away from me, so i know my service was not speed bumped higher by my ISP.  also when I torrent (public IP - not thru a VPN) well seeded files like ubuntu, my actual download speed is never any faster than 2.4 MB/s.


what has changed here in the past week or two regarding your Washington DC test server  :icon_scratch:






if you share what IP i can ping to at your DC test server, I can post a trace route between us.

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That's just it spypet... nothing changed.


Maybe a connection along your route was upgraded.  Your result wasn't cached, that's highly unlikely here.  There are multiple cache resistance features to TestMy.net.


I can't pull my full speed through well seeded torrents all the time either.


With a 21.4MB test size, powerboost or whatever Roadrunner calls it could be a factor. Try testing with 100MB, see what a larger size yields.  I see some 40MB tests you did and if you notice the speed lowered... I bet it will go down a couple more Mbps if you do 100MB.


... I think your route improved.  Be happy!  ;)

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