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Upload data size?


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Everytime I run a combined test the download test will run several data sizes the upload doesn't.The upload size always stays at 256 kb. When I get the results its always a low speed 400 - 500 kbps but when I choose the size, say 3MB it shows speeds in the 2.5 Mbps range I'm testing a satellite speed and the 256 kb size is too small and doesn't give enough time for the upload to get reved up...LOL. Is there a way to increse the data size in the combined test?  For me it needs to be at least 1MB to get a more accurate speed. They only way I know how to do this now is to run a "upload" test and select the size.

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I was thinking once you get latency testing done you could incorporate that into the main test to help detect if someone is on satellite or not


Totally... SmarTest will get a lot smarter once latency is written into the algorithm.  Then it will know to send you to the larger test automatically.  I'm working on it... you should see my to-do list, lol.  The drawing board is strewn with great ideas submitted by members.  I think I'm going to do something different with my upcoming releases, I'm posting a topic on that right now.

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