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Someone help me figure out my real up and down?


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Not sure where to post, so just posted in general, wasn't sure if this fell into the "Show off" section.

Alright, so I just had FiOs installed yesterday, bought the 75/35 plan. Here is the result from Speedtest.net and testmy.net via Wifi on my laptop.




This is the result from my desktop via ethernet set-up.




The heck is going on? Which one is the correct one? I ran the FiOs PC optimizer and restarted both computers.

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If you want to test your maximum bandwidth using wireless is often a poor choice. Wireless g has this theoretical speed of 56mbit, which is in practice at the very least halved. Wireless n might have enough bandwidth to cap out a 75/35 connection, but only if the laptop is really close to the router.

The ethernet result shows that something is wrong. It can be a hyperactive anti-virus, a virus, a cheap router unable to hit 75mbit, congestion, routing at the ISP side, or a bad signal for the modem, etc. Definitely worth investigating, since you're not even close to what you're paying for.

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not only that, he was using the multi threaded test


btw RTB you don't necessarily need to be close to your router to pull good speeds over wifi i pulled 59.5Mbps and i'm about 35ft and two walls away from mine.. you just need to know how to set it up and have quality equipment

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And the OOKLA based SpeedTest numbers are not indicative of true Internet performance. Read on the TestMy Home Page, select the tab "What Makes TMN Different".

Your SpeedTest pics show that you were connected to a local server 50 mi away, and as TriRan mentioned, the TestMy results were obtained using "Coast To Coast". Pick a TestMy server close to you. Any of the problems mentioned above by RTB are possible, but re-run with a closer TestMy server and post the Ethernet and wireless results.

You can expect results on TestMy that are lower than what the OOKLA based SpeedTests will show because TestMy's speed tests are more indicative of what real Internet browsing performance really is. Once we see some results with the closer server, we can assess this a little better.

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The numbers shown in my signature are with Time Warner's 15 Mbps up, 1 Mbps down plan. The iMac numbers are on Ethernet, the iMac numbers are using wireless from my garage, through walls and cabinets and at least 30 ft from the AirPort Extreme Base Station wireless N. based on your high numbers on the SpeedTest site, at least on the surface it appears your equipment is capable. As I said, after seeing results on a closer TestMy server using standard testing, we can assess this better.

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I'm using the router/modem provided by Verizon, it came with the fios bundle. It's a wireless n router. My laptop is like what, maybe 5 feet away from the router? Lol. I want to solve the desktop via ethernet problem first, I'm going to re-run tests to the closest server.


I chose NYC server, don't think there's anything less than 50 miles..., it probably is less than 50 miles, just doesn't say the exact miles.



I chose the closest server possible on testmy.net, still not getting the advertised speed. I ran Norton 360 and malwarebyte full scan, no virus at all, not even a tracking cookie... I'll go use Auslogics BoostSpeed and do all the cleaning and stuff and I'll post another testmy.net result.

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Wasn't sure if double posting is allowed, but I couldn't find an edit button on my last post.


I just ran defragment, disk cleanup, registry defrag and repair, ran internet optimizer with 5+ Mbps setting, scanned again with both Norton 360 and malwarebyte, came up clean.

I ran testmy.net a few times back to back, my up and down keeps going up and down(pun not intended or is that irony, not sure)...









Seriously, what's going on?


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its not entirely uncommon to achieve higher then advertised speeds, good ISP's will provision your modem higher then advertised so even during peak times you see close to or at advertised, i know cox does this often not sure about verizon... that is quite inconsistant with the download speeds though, not sure why your seeing issues like that... when browsing do you ever notice sites not loading quite the same speed all the time? as if its stuttering when you click a link?

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