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Download + Upload Differs Than Just Download?


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I did a Download+Upload and it is different than my Download?

This was on my iPhone by the way.




..::Just Download::..


They were both done on the same server, same place, and a couple of seconds apart.

This isn't the first time this has happened.

Thanks in Advance! :)

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looks like you get better speeds with larger sizes.. are you using the SmarTest when you do the download test by itself? The links for the combined test default to express. Meaning that they are sized based on your previous 5 tests. This isn't always ideal. You can run a combined test without express from the extras menu. That will size the test based on how your connection is performing at the moment of the test vs your previous tests. Express is faster, it saves bandwidth... but under certain circumstances you need to draw more bandwidth you ramp up the speed. The score you get from either is accurate... your connection just doesn't perform as well with less data. The test will usually resize itself in that situation but not always... really depends on what it sees during the initial test. If you test with 3MB for instance and it calculates that 4MB would be better... it won't. If it calculates that 8MB would be better for the situation it will forward to that size because it's a certain percentage higher than the previous test.

I have some new information that I'll be working into the algorythm that will increase the odds that you'll be served the right size the first time. It's a delicate balance with bandwidth. I don't want to waste my users time and bandwidth, some people are on limited data plans too. At the same time it needs to serve you enough to properly test your connection speed. I have a trick that will be implemented by the end of the year that will make sizes a null point. I can't speak publicly about it yet however... obviously since your my Son I'll tell you about it personally but I can talk about it here... yet. For anyone curious I can tell you this much... you've never see anything like it.

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