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2 Small Issues with the site.

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Neither is all that important when you already have a great, helpful website. At one time someone in the management stated that you might make it possible to delete multiple tests from the record, that was about 3 months ago.


When I save my default location server while I am signed in, it will never remember it for the next time I sign in and I find I run a bunch of tests before realizing I don't want that location before stopping it and losing the hours I wanted to run the test. It always opens to Dallas when I want DC. That's part the reason why I ask above why we can't delete multiple results. There a lot of results there that mean nothing to me that just take up the space and confuse me when looking over my personal results.


That's it. No biggie. Just wondering about thems.  Thanks  Jack ":-D

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Hey Jack,
I assure you... it's coming.  Multi-selection in the database and the user settings currently stored in cookies will be database driven where applicable.  Those additions are very high on my to-do list.
Realize that I'm one person putting this all together.  At any given time I'll have 15 projects on the table.  I can't start on new plans until I push and release the things I'm already working on. I really have to balance my time and prioritize certain aspects that are more critical to the development.  If I try to do too much at once I'd never release anything good.
Besides the programming there are hundreds of other aspects to running TMN that I must do.  I often work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week to build and run the operations.  When in production mode I sometimes work for 30 hours straight because I'm the type of programmer that needs to finish a thought before I can turn off.  Before I start anything new I think about it for a few months and plot the structure of how I'm going to tackle it the right way.  I call it positive procrastination.  When I actually sit down to build it... I'll have it finished in a single session.  I almost never start something that I can't tackle in one programming session, whether it's 8 hours or 40 hours it gets done before I sleep. I've tried to take power naps, but I can't stop thinking until the task is complete so I just lay there and continue to program in my head.   :icon_shaking:  :idiot2:  :buck2: 
So be please be patient with my process.  I just don't have enough fingers to develop as fast as I'd really like to.  Please understand that this is a very painstaking, time consuming process and like I said... I'm one person.


Thank you for your continued patronage, glad to see that you use and like my site enough to keep on top of me to make it better for all of you... trust me dude, your voice is ALWAYS heard here.  I take all suggestions very seriously and always address the valid ones.  It can just take me a little more time than if I the resources some of my competition has.   ... maybe one day I'll have the capitol.  Keep telling your friends if you want to help with that.   :wink:

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CA3LE, I assure you I hear every word of that. I pretty much work the same way to my own detriment. As I said they're not big issues with me, just a wondering mind.


Had no idea that you were the "lonesome dove" of TESTMY.net.  That's not a good thing. I will never mention the issues about multiple deletes again.


However, did you have an answer for the 2nd part of my question?  Why does the site not hold my default location? Is that a problem here? It's happening on 3 different computers, not matter which one I log in on. As I said I'll run an autotest only to find out several hours later that the default was not used. And I have to change it back. It always comes up Dallas and I have to change it to DC. I do select the default while I'm logged in. Thanks! And take it easy fella. You're no good here if you end up on the floor!!   :sad2:


Thanks  Jack  ":-D

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I do clear cookies occasionally but not that often that every time they'd be gone. And I do log out each session.  I'll do a little more investigation.

Let's call this answered. I just went to the test site on this machine and it's got DC. I need to pay attention a little more my habits of clearing cache and cookies. You may have hit it on the head. Thanks!  Jack  ":-D

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You could try loading up a different browser in the background for your tests if it's an issue. What I do sometimes is run Firefox with TMN's automatic speed test and then use Chrome for browsing. Then you don't have to worry about closing the browser on accident and you can clear your cookies without an issue.

I just ran a few auto tests with extraID and it's working fine so it's probably because your clearing your cookies thoughout the day.

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