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How long is the test taking when that happens?  Do you have any Internet security programs, it could be messing with the method the upload test uses.  I looked over recent results and the issue is localized to you.  I pulled the last few thousand upload results and didn't see anyone else with 1 Kbps.


Usually the only time I see 1 Kbps here is when something has gone wrong.  1 Kbps is kinda a fall back score when it's unable to get the information it needs.  You may have run into some sort of bug... although this usually points to a software issue on the client end.  Please run an upload speed test of around 2MB and take note of the amount of time it takes... from the time the loading data box disappears until the time it leaves that page.  I'm seeing that some other data from your results didn't log correctly...


Also, try clearing your history, cookies in particular.  Then re-test.


It might just be that you've got something installed that's effecting the way form data is posted.  Very well could be the issue since other form posted variables are missing from your logged results.  I think that some Internet security suites block the method because it looks malicious, I understand why they see it that way.  It's submitting form data automatically, to them it might look like a phishing method or something.  But the truth is, you're running a test... everything is completely safe.  Deemed safe by all the people that use this service.  It's not usually an issue with most setups, most antivirus and security programs pass the methods I use.  But I have seen issues before.  I'd think it would be systemwide and effect all browsers but maybe not.  Guess it depends on what you've got going on.  It looks to me that it has removed the data from the form... then submitted it blank.  Probably in an attempt to clear the form in case it was malicious and was trying to submit your personal information.  I assure you, it doesn't do anything like that.  Anyone with basic HTML knowledge can stop the test, view the source and see that it's only submitting variables and strings related to the test.


You tested moments earlier in IE and got two results in a row that were 1.87 Mbps on the dot... your speed isn't 1 Kbps.  Hit me back, hopefully we can nail down why that's happening.


If it is an Internet security suite that's blocking the method I'd like to know which one so I can contact them to hopefully whitelist TestMy.net.  Some out there already have TMN on whitelist but others don't.


Feedback from people like you has played a huge part in the development of this site. Your input is greatly appreciated.



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