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choosing a PCI video card

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Been a while since I bought a video card, so you that are in the know might get to help me yes ?



budget around $200

windows 7 compatible


I have looked around quite a bit, yet knowing the technology from 5 or more years ago does not help me make an educated decision. 


So any help will be greatly appreciated. Any questions you need to ask about the existing hardware?


What say you ?


thanks :)

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now days mudman. shaders and VRAM type and memory capacity are more importent then the days of core and memory clock speed  


give this a quick read mudman it lists all the popular cards from this year and gives a quick rundown on performance to dollar



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for a performance/budget gpu i recently had a friend buy a HIS 7870 ghz edition for just under 200 bucks. thing is a champ although slightly on the loud side because of the fan.


well, searching for a link it apparently went up in price, but either way here is the one he got.


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Thanks for the suggestions guy's - still hanging in there for the right card.


This machine will be used primarily for minecraft (client) , and I'm sure some other games, no need for the high end. But MC has changed a bit and requires quite a bit more to overcome the leaks of java.


I have been harassed long enough - so the local MC server is up, his friends are kickin' chicken remotely, and he's using his old dell D810, which is awesome running school work w/ centos / libreoffice ect - but java, not so much. So I gathered up what I had around here, an Intel board w/ a 2.8 Ghz proc windows 7 and were golden aside the video card. Found a brand spankin new saphire 128 MB card in the pile, but the damn thing was obsolete when 7 came out.


He has the PS3 and 3DS-xl so hey, not quite ready for high end on the PC.

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