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I was getting batteries at Fry's Electronics and ran across what I though was a great deal... it was even better than I expected and I wanted to share.

I ran across a Tango Air for only $49.99... they only had one.  AirPlay enabled, it's like Sonos but I got it for a Roosevelt.  Tango shows it for sale on their website for $199.  It was still in the box, with protective plastic on it.  It was missing instructions so I had to get a manual off their site, but it was easy to find and easy to setup.  Once it's on your network (see the simple instructions at the bottom of this post) you can output any AirPlay enabled devices (iOS, you can also use AirAudio on Andriod, I've also output from my Mac's, as easy as switching the audio output... I'm sure that you could get it to work on pretty much any system.  Even if it didn't have AirAudio and you used the aux input it's well worth twice what I paid).
Much greater than Bluetooth.  It outputs audio without compression and when you control the volume it actually communicates with the Tango Air... not simply adjusting the device volume.  All seamless, tiny lag but worth it for the audio quality.  Totally clear audio, as long as you and the Tango are on the same network.  The speakers themselves are high quality and crystal clear.  Delivering clean highs and mids as well as deep bass... Positioning the speaker next to a wall or under a table enhances the bass further.  Very direct connection between your music and the speaker.  Amazing sound for the size of the unit.  I feel like I stole it @ $50.  Very high quality feel too, like something Apple would build.  If they had more of them at that price I'd buy more but I think that I just got lucky.  It surely cost them more than that to produce.   ... I've also seen firmware upgrades so I'm sure they could be hacked to create a network of units that work together.  Tango should make that available, it's definitely possible, why not?
If you can find a good deal I highly recommend picking one up.  I have crappy single speaker bluetooth units I've paid more for.  With this you get two tweeters, two full range drivers, one subwoofer and passive radiator... not to mention AirAudio.  Glad I fount it, I would have gladly paid more.
Simple Instructions
  1. Hookup is as simple as hooking the device up by USB
  2. boot up the Tango
  3. quick tap on the setup button next to the USB... it asks you on your device to share the WiFi settings... allow and about 30 seconds later it's on your network.  
Manual setup
  1. Hook up the USB and boot up the Tango
  2. hold the setup button next to the USB input for about 5 seconds till it starts flashing
  3. Search for WiFi networks (on your device or computer) and you'll see 'Tango XXXXX' ... connect to that network
  4. Open your browser to (the http server address for the Tango).  From there setup is self explanatory.  If not, look at the manual.



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