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Connection down alerts / Internet connection notifications

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Hi Damon,

Mike Ford ([email protected]) has sent a message via the contact form.

I wanted to know if there is something that will check my internet connection and also set a threshold of how low the speed for download and upload speeds are. If the connection is lost or not as fast as I like I would get emailed alerts that the connection is not working correctly. If you can please call me at 717-XXX-XXXX or give me a number to call you at.



Hey Mike,

I've had suggestions before about reporting if the connection is lost but not the threshold idea.  I like that.  I'm going to work something into my system for you.  I'll add that to my next update of the auto speed test. (which will also have recovery and reporting if the connection fails)  Sorry, no ETA, I've got a lot on my plate and I'm only one person trying to write a million lines of code.  But I've already worked it out in my head how I can easily add that option... it's seriously almost written, I've got your idea mapped I just need to type it out.  Once I get to the auto test on my to-do list I'll make sure that's included.  Look for this in the near future, I'll email you when it's ready to use.
I appreciate the great idea, suggestions from people like yourself have helped me build TMN over the years.  Don't hesitate to email me more suggestions, if they fit, I'll add them.  I'm very quick to adopt great suggestions from my users.
Help spread the word, TMN is word of mouth and I rely on my happy users to tell people.  I feel that not advertising keeps me on my toes, if I don't release a great product... nobody will share it.  So I'm always working to make it better for you.   ... heads up, I haven't even scratched the surface of the vision I have for TMN.  Much more to come.
- Kind Regards, 
- Damon - TestMy.net


That would be a great addition to the program. I have a few IT managers that was looking for something this. So please let me know if you get something up and working. Thanks again for everything.



I'll email you when I have something.

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