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Very helpful site. I would love to be able to search by location (for example within the results). Not only are the service locators provided at other sites WRONG (e.g. they actually don't provide service where indicated), but then you have to struggle to find out which has the best internet service. Thanks for this info!


Hi Leila,

Thank you, I try to build something that helps consumers.  I've got so much information logged about connection speed and I've only scratched the surface of ways to present that information in useful ways.

Very soon I'm going to aggregate providers for each location.  Example, say you live in Phoenix, AZ United States.  You look at the Phoenix database and instantly it will pull the names of all the providers found in the Phoenix database... it will then calculate the averages, maximums and minimums for each one and rank them the way you want. Hopefully armed with that information a lot of people can get help to find the most reliable providers in their area. Like I said, the information is there... I just need to present it better.  ... I know this, but I'm also one person trying to pull this all off so I really have to manage my time and build in stages. It all takes immense amounts of time and dedication. Luckily I'm very patient.

Ultimately my site is aimed at helping consumers, I hope you stick around to watch it develop because I'm just getting started.  Please tell your friends, TestMy.net is word-of-mouth.
Let me know where you live and I'll provide some examples in my database that might help you find a good provider in the area. ... I might even know off the top of my head depending on the area.
- Kind Regards,
- Damon Mueller - TestMy.net
______ Damon's response today ______
Hi Leila,
I just wanted to let you know that there was a speed test database update that might help you with the information you were after when you emailed me in late May.
Search for a provider and it ranks the members on that provider.  Search for a city or country and it ranks the users and the ISPs in the area.  All data is rendered live.
Enjoy!  I appreciate the feedback,
- Damon  TestMy.net




Screenshot I forgot to attach.



By the way, you must be signed in to see the ranking...
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