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What is the cost to license this speed test for use on my network? We are a small wireless ISP in Montana looking for a good speed test site to put on our website.

Thanks Chris

- TestMy.net


Hi Chris,

I'd be happy to help. Free to you and your users, I'll even set the server up for you if you need me to.  Everything I offer is free... you're promoting my service. ;)
Go to https://testmy.net/make-a-speed-test to start the process.  Email me back the server details and I'll get you a test server online that works exactly like TestMy.net... it just uses your resources.
I run the same exact build on my own mirrors.  I have an update coming out in a few days so as soon as we get you online we'll need to update the core.  This is brand new, there are lots more in store over the next few months.  
I'm beta testing a brand new mobile GUI.  Go to the homepage, scroll to the bottom and click 'mobile optimized' ... it works great in all resolutions and uses the same core as the full version. When I'm finished I'll flip the switch so that it defaults to that GUI for mobile devices automatically. (released and done long ago) I've done it in the past but this version is VERY adaptive.  Pages morph automatically to fit the situation. I definitely have the most compatible speed test, by far.
Hit me back when you're ready, I look forward to getting you going.
- Damon - TestMy.net
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