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I want to reset my test results.  I see that I can delete individual tests but I don't see any way to delete them all or select a group.  Deleting 1 at a time when you have many test results is very slow, especially since you have to wait for the browser to refresh after each one. Is there a better way?



Want to know the way I do it?  I don't delete anything, I change the query date range. This way you can look back at those old results. On "Your Results" you will see an 'update' button, next to that is the date range.  Enter the number of days you'd like to go back and the date, it will remember your choice later.  Another thing you can do is add an extra identifier.  Before the test, select an extra id, there are drop down boxes near the testing links around the site.  You can then modify your query to show only those results. Play around with the ways to narrow your query within "Your Results" page.
Having said that... I'm going to have an option to reset all results and select multiple results for deletion.  New concepts will include an undo option for anything deleted along with more ways to organize and sort your test results.  
If you want to get these features before the general public please signup for the new beta program.  They should be released within the next couple of months.
If you like what I've built, please spread the word.
- Cheers,
- Damon


Thanks for the reply. I didn't realize it would remember the date range, that is very useful!  Still, I do think the option to clear the data is important.  The tests from a few years back just don't apply to the current situation.  I will have to think about it some more to determine whether I really need to wipe it clean.


This is slated for the next version.  But you can always contact me and I'll reset it for you.


- Damon

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