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WildBlue / Exceed LIE about TestMy.net accuracy

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ive called wild blue/exceed and they told me that this test is not accurate with satellight internet is this true????


Hi Joe,

I've never personally had a Satellite connection to test on... but the principals are the same for any connection type.  Data is sent or received, I time it and calculate the speed... many ISPs no longer like my results, I tell consumers the truth.  Over the years I've got feedback from literally thousands of satellite users.  They ALWAYS tell me just the opposite.  They say it's the only truly reliable way to test.  The veteran users of Wildblue World and the admin of xplornetsucks.com swear by it...
I don't know these guys.  But they are satellite experts and use TMN over the other options out there.

Also, if TMN was inaccurate on Satellite then why does ViaSat want me to design something to display their average speed on their website? (added: this is now available on the share tab for all the ISPs, cities and countries listed in the speed test database)
If you research deep enough in my forums you'll see numerous accounts of Wildblue sending their customers to TestMy.net so I don't know why they would tell you that.  Maybe now they've joined the bandwagon and are hosting their own BS test.  Trust me, get network monitoring software that graphs your throughput and compare TestMy.net to others... You'll realize quickly that Wildblue is full of sh!t.
You can trust them or you can trust the findings of an independent third party that's been testing connections for over 17 years.  My results and methods are time tested and proven.
Thank you for visiting, I hope you like what I've built.  It's a labor of love... please help by spreading the word.  TestMy.net is word-of-mouth.  And if you spot inaccuracy in my results, I'd love to hear about it.
- Damon
- TestMy.net
P.S. Thank you for the feedback. I need to know this stuff. I can add them to a long list of ISPs who tell that to their customers. It's not true.
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