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Hard Copy Speed Test Results / Save Results

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Dear TMN;

How can I make an Hard Copy of my test?

Can I download a test result?




Hi Alvin,

If you go to "Your Results" below the graph is a link that says "Export".  Click that and TestMy.net will output a .csv file that can be read by spreadsheet and database programs like excel, access, mysql, etc..  it can also be read by any simple text editor.
For your convince the links above will get you to what they describe future readers of this, only my results will work for you.  Attached is a screenshot of my "Your Results" page with the link highlighted.  The export link follows the query, so if you query a specific period of time for instance it will only export those results that were shown.  
Exporting is cool if you want to play with graphing the information yourself.  But the results saved to my databases aren't going anywhere and it's pretty easy to query and graph the information within the site... if you wanted to export to share your results, you could alternately share the query.  You'll also see share links in the same area as export as long as you have a browser that supports flash (no longer necessary).  You can share the URL from the address bar on "Your Results" but if you modify the query in any way you need to use the "Share This Query" button as also seen in the screenshot.
Another screenshot shows the detailed list below the graph.  If you want to share a single score click 'share' on the right.  If you want to share two, simply copy the Test ID of one of the results then click 'share' on the other... paste the score you copied and submit and you'll be shown options for two combined.
 ... You know what... here's a little video I put together to show you.  My family is sleeping, it's only 6:30 here is Arizona right now, so just pretend that I narrated it.   haha  ... if you turn the sound up you can hear pandora playing in the background.
TMN is an independent one man operation and 100% word-of-mouth.  I hope you like what I've built and share it with your friends.
- Kind Regards,
- Damon - TestMy.net
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