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How to Make Your Internet Seem Faster.


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Did you know you can make your internet seem faster?


All you have to do is Change your Internet Prefrences in your 'DSN' Tab!


All you have to change it to is ' ' and / or ' ' (No Quotes)


A DSN is a Domain Name System.

The Ones I gave you are Googles, the way this will make your internet seem quicker is because these are Googles DSN's, Google has a lot of websites cached, and makes your internet seem quicker by giving you the content through theie quick servers.


:) You're welcome.


Keep not this will not in any way affect your TMN Test Score(s)


Christian || http://Doolgo.com


Pictures Below are For Mac, they may differ for a Windows Powered Computer.









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Are you seeing much quicker response time?


You should also go into the router and change the DNS.  Then other machines on the network that resolve DNS to the router will resolve to the DNS you want.  You can then enter the DNS in your computer as the router address... and when you change it on the router the setting is global for your network, not just the one computer.  :wink:


Here's in my Netgear N600


Usually your routers http server can be found at (other common addresses are or


Under the basic settings



:icon_thumright:  You're right, faster DNS speeds up the lookup of domain names, quickens response time... doesn't make your internet speed faster but it can make it snappier between clicks.  :icon_thumleft:


I'll give the google DNS a try... the ones I have entered are for Cox and are very nice already.  Let's see if I can see a difference.

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The ones I use are Level 3 DNS. - resolver1.level3.net - resolver2.level3.net


At my home network, these are 30ms quicker response time than Suddenlink's DNS.


I also use these on my rooted Androids, like my GS4. It really helps to make Sprint faster (and did the same back when I had AT&T).

Response time on Sprint is 20-30ms quicker most of the time (because of the way mobile Internet works, it doesn't provide stable latency).


And, on every ISP I've used in my travels on vacation, they're always closer network-wise than the normal servers any of the ISPs I've used have (i.e. AT&T Uverse, Comcast especially, Compu Net, etc.).


I really like these servers.

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