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TMN or Browser glitch ?

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Ran a test to Dallas a little while ago.  I normally get around 40 Mb/s to that location.  It appeared my browser stalled when I started the test, then when it displayed the test page, there was about 25% left of the test bar.


Wish this was my real speed....










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Hey, sorry for the delayed response.  I'm deep in development.  I can't wait to show you guys the new utility I've been building.  The amount of useful network information it will provide is INSANE.  It will be released to my beta users first.  If you haven't already sign up for that... I'll update the beta users group and email them when I make an announcement.  


It's automated, you tell the server to inspect the IP and it builds you a report while you do other stuff.  It then emails you the report and flashes notification that it's complete on TestMy.net. ... the reports are very deep and detailed.  It's going to blow your minds.    ...seriously powerful tool.  It's going to make the Internet better.


Anyway, on to your topic.


Yeah, it happens.  I try my hardest to detect that and throw you a new test... if you tell me exactly what you did when you started the test it might help me program a fix for that situation.  It could be that the browser glitched, but I might be able to detect it on my end if that's the case... I just need to know how it glitched. Did you go back in the browser?  Did you request the page differently other than clicking the links on the page?


I removed the result, you can also do this yourself by clicking the X next to the result.  I noticed there was a bug, I had a conflict but I fixed that button.  It now also removes the result from all the databases... not just the main user DB.  I was doing a trial on the delete button and it seems that the results being removed are genuine so I'm going to allow that function to delete from all the databases.  I'm also going to give you multi selection options and the ability to organize your results, in my next major database upgrade.

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I had the default set for Dallas, I then will usually select a 30 MB test, which I did.  When I selected the size, the page seemed to stall for maybe 3-4 seconds and when it displayed the test bar, it was in the last third of the test.  Normally when I select the size, a new page is immediately displayed with the entire test bar viewable and I can usually tell by how fast it goes as to what my connection speed is.


Thank for all your work to keep our ISPs honest.

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No problem... I love building this and that so many people find it useful.


It may have been a weird glitch in the browser that caused the client-side javascript to lag... resulting in the time being started late... resulting in an inflated score.


I put a comments in the results program detailing a method I think I could use to make sure it never happens again.  I'll work it in later, as you can see by your other results it's an infrequent occurrence.  ...I'd bet money that it was a client-side browser hiccup.  But I think that I can detect it, in a fairly simple way... ...if I can detect it, I can calculate it out or start a new test.


Thanks for letting me know, you really help by reporting things like that.

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