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Google Malware - worst malware to hit osx ? -


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Malware can be determined by many things, one key is no uninstall options.


Install any google application on your mac, and in comes googles software updater via ksfetch

Fair enough right ? Not if you have a care as to how many times per day / hour this script accesses and does 'whatever' it does.


After watching this beast attempt to send information outbound day in day out , little snitch complaining literally several times and hour , and blocking it does not work.


I found this script for whatever reason , changes ports, what else are you aware of the for seemingly no reason , changes ports when one port is blocked ? Little math needs done there.


Why would google want so desperately to send out information from my machine ? That it re installs itself when you track down it's home and remove it ? That means it's somewhere else as well. Again , what else are you aware of that acts like this ?


At any rate, after it's installation , of itself mind you I went searching for others asking the same thing.


A little google found many people are not too thrilled either.


So a patch to stop this malware for now , is to chmod the existing directory to 000 no access. /User/you user name/Library/Google



Interestingly enough I have three separate drives attached via USB, clones and backups , each one of these buggers was trying to access the outside world. So this is four attempts several times per hour each, all changing ports attempting one thing or another.


If anyone has an actual fix for the worst virus / malware to hit OS X please post up.

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Sounds horrid. I've heard about how intrusive Google is so I didn't open a Google account. I only use their search engine and maps and whatever else they have that's available without a Google account. I wonder how many other little snitches there are. I don't have the expertise to understand what everything in Activity Monitor is showing me.

There's nothing in my GoogleSoftwareUpdate folder newer than 2010

And I don't have Chrome installed

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This is one of the reasons I still use an older version of Sygate Personal Firewall.  I can view traffic logs, packet, system & security logs, catch application hyjacking, and I can set up custom advanced rules to allow or disallow applications/programs to communicate via the internet over different ports and protocols.  Its been very effective and along with my antivirus program, has kept my system very secure.  I also frequently check my task manager for any processes that I do not recognize and find out what they are and why my system needs them. 


I hate programs that frequently access the internet when I don't think they have any business in doing so.  I will then block them and usually it has no adverse effects.


I have also started using DuckDuckGo for my search engine, which does not track nor store any of my searches.  I won't touch Google again because of the data storage and its relationship with our current administration.

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I'll have to peek at dukduckgo. 


Using Icefloor as a guy for osx internal firewall is useful, behind pfsense as a stand alone appliance, dnscrypt, cisco IOS allows for complete port configuration, little snitch as well just that , snitching on applications / scripts that attempt to access any part of the network, and various other tools, nothing will stop something allowed entering or leaving. 


The issue lies within how google decides to index the planet. One wrong move locally and your entire internal network is broadcast to the world. 


All seems to be for nothing more than posture. So long as your connected to any port accessing the world, your vulnerable. As none of these items will stop something they do not monitor the frequency, which is something entirely different to what all the commercial softwares stand on. 

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I have also started using DuckDuckGo for my search engine, which does not track nor store any of my searches.  I won't touch Google again because of the data storage and its relationship with our current administration.



Just tried DuckDuckGo.. works good. Thanks for the info. :thumbsup:..video link below.




                          <iframe src="https://duckduckgo.com/about-video.html" width="640" height="360"></iframe>




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lol yes , anything that holds data has security issues, let alone attached to a network. But you knew that. 


I do appreciate the humor, some people claim this OS or that OS is more secure or unable to get nasties, my opinion is the systems you have to watch out more for real threats , are unix / linux kernel based. 


Why ? 90% in my guesstimate of all windows malicious software is either for getting you to buy something, be it some malware that claims you have a virus and stops you from performing a task until you do what the application tells you, or to make you a part of a botnet to better serve large data mining companies, much less attack a corporate network. 


Where on the other side, think about the 'know how' one who uses or utilizes the unix / linux platform must have , and what are they after ? You don't know because you never or rarely see it. 

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