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Media Center Flaking Out After TMN Optimization?

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I don't run Media Center daily, so I don't know for sure if it's related or just some odd coincidence.

Did a speed test after which an optimization utility was discussed. Tried that and I'm not really sure it did anything or not. This was a few days ago.

Yesterday sometime, I tried to run Windows Media Center. It appears to load, but not in a window. The Icon appears on the taskbar, and when hovered over, the thumbnail appears, but nothing happens when it's clicked on. The window will not come up so that it can be viewed or any selections made.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the Control Panel, Programs and Features, but no change.


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Windows Media Center shouldn't have anything to do with that software.  They're totally separate.  If there is a problem with that software I'd like to know... but I'm not the author.  I just refer people to their software.  I have a similar offer for Mac users.


Both vendors have an easy and helpful process for issues.  PC Speed Up Support Ticket and MacKeeper contact and support (for Mac users)  -- if PC Speed Up finds that their software is at fault (maybe it made a mistake in optimizing the registry) please let me know so I can talk to them about it and make sure it's not an issue for my users going forward.  


By the way ... both software vendors I'm using right now have zero complaints from my users over the course of years of referrals.  Let me know if you're unhappy with it, I need to know that stuff.  ;)

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Hmm, strange.


I found that it was displaying on the second screen for some reason.


I have my 32" TV set up as the second screen, but I don't switch the TV to that mode very often right now.  Happened to think about it and checked and there it was.  Got it dragged back to the main screen on the LCD monitor.


Don't know how it happened.  I know I didn't do it by choice.

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