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AT&T Uverse Speed Drop


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AT&T Uverse suddenly dropped from 17999 Mbps last Thursday (user interface reading). Starts at night and gets better during the day,  Have been taking test here to log the differences in drop. Funny, an ATT person called me that morning, before the drop in speed and ask if my connections was ok, and I said yes, it was, until that night. A Technician will come out tomorrow and check the line from the street to the box on the house. The modem reboots itself (sure) and the reading goes down considerably, between 9 PM and 11 Pm every night. The lowest reading on the GUI was about 12.3.. during the night, Test My Net shows lowest about 8.5. Hope they can fix this tomorrow. LOVE that Uverse. PS. used the ATT automated tech, and it works. It will even schedule a day and time for the Tech to come out. But I had to make sure and talked to a real person and they came up with the same conclusion. AT&T has been giving great service. thanks for your time. :wave: .





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At 1:21 PM EST...GUI  downstream reading is up:


Broadband Status
Line State Up Broadband Connection Up Downstream Sync Rate (kbps) 17828 Upstream Sync Rate (kbps) 1020 Modulation ADSL2+ Data Path Interleaved Broadband IPv4 Address   Gateway IPv4 Address   MAC Address   Primary DNS   Secondary DNS   Primary DNS Name dnsr1.sbcglobal.net Secondary DNS Name  dnsr2.sbcglobal.net MTU 1500
Status Available Global Unicast IPv6 Address   Border Relay IPv4 Address  
IPv4 Statistics
Transmit Packets 11499 Transmit Errors 0 Transmit Discards 0
IPv6 Statistics
Transmit Packets 0 Transmit Errors 0 Transmit Discards 0
Downstream and Upstream Statistics
  Downstream Upstream SN Margin (dB) 5.7 9.9 Line Attenuation (dB) 27.0 13.7 Output Power(dBm) 18.1 12.0 Errored Seconds 53 0 Loss of Signal 0 0 Loss of Frame 0 0 FEC Errors 347 2 CRC Errors 360 0
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AT&T just rebooted my modem at 10:55 PM..took 3 minutes to come up.. downstream reading 12385.. far from the usual 17999.. doing a manual reboot now...........done.....downstream, 13132... will be using the Auto Test tonight.. Robin that thing you got in your hand, they use to fly around the street lights at night, much bigger, big as a bat.. and spit fire..  Maybe that's whats wrong with my AT&T line......DANG!....just went down again...somebody's doing some night work.?

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« SpeedGuide.net Speed Test Results »

18859 kbps down (~18.86 Mbps, 2302 KB/s)↓ 
801 kbps up (~0.8 Mbps, 98 KB/s)↑ 
5120 KB downloaded in 2.224 seconds 
500 KB uploaded in 5.112 seconds 
Tested on: 2013.08.15 11:33 EDT 
Tested from: speedguide.net 2 
Provider: lightspeed.clmasc.sbcglobal.net
Location: ..........
   Dazed and confused....where can I buy a cheapo meter to put in my line..?
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Speed in Mbps0255075100125150175200225Download Speed14.39 Mbps


  My modem has't rebooted itself since the AT&T tech fixed something at the street...NOTICE the sharp spike (206.23) download. Now back to normal for a 18 meg line..:..       recon 49 dollars a month isn't a bad deal. thanks for looking.  :icon_salut:

      GUI reading;                                                                                   

Line State Up Broadband Connection Up Downstream Sync Rate (kbps) 17993 Upstream Sync Rate (kbps) 1020 Modulation ADSL2+



 SlowFreddy&int=1.png?r=68934<<<<  SPIKE!

Speed in Mbps0255075100125150175200225Download Speed15.15 Mbps

dAceGXy.png    <<<<< from a 18 meg line ..AT&T Uverse ..?

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  Another Tech came out this morning and put a NEW 2 wire line from the box on the house to the inside of the house, with a new outlet. The modem hasn't rebooted, and the speed is steady. I needed new wiring. The problem is solved, and a customer is thankful and happy . The tech even cleaned the limbs off the outside wires from the street to the house! GREAT service and high quality workmanship from this AT&T employee..?  If this sounds like I'm sucking up to AT&T, well, maybe, but for good reasons, as mentioned above and my AT&T service has been more than exceptional in my area. Thanks AT&T.




    MlaOxmR.png   v8jrk4L.png

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UPPDATE:   AT&T Uverse 2 wire..18 Mbps down............1.5 up stream.   ..the modem has stopped rebooting itself and speeds are much higher and steady.... At&T internet only, hard-wired in,  the modem has WIFI.. Motorola NGV 510.. streaming of movies and YouTube is great. thanks for looking.. :wave:





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