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So... Lookin' to learn SOMETHING here....


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Ok.... well I finally am able to post now.  YEE HA!   Ive been wandering around the web for years  sucking up as much info on the internet as I possible can understand...  And still my ignorance of WWW and PCs is so huge its almost amusing.  Im trying to figure out why sometimes my lap top ZIPS along... and then other times it crawls.  I was thinking it was because I lived ona Island.... ( Key Largo)  and it pissed me off that I paid as much for my internet w/ AT&T as anybody else on the mainland... and got less service.  Im starting to think maybe thats not the case. Of all the sites I went to....   This site seemed to be the most Honest!!!   To tell you the truth I had a little trouble registering and the Host here... Damon... conversed with me personally.  THAT in itself sold me.!   Thanks Damon.  I expect to be here a L O N G Time.    I can see by reading the posts here... I have ALOT to learn!


   Robin & The Critters

AKA:  Keyzzdzz

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