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Some Of The Best Direct Internet?


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So, my Mom's a Teacher and they got a new school, and New Internet.


It's like the FASTEST internet I've seen In person. (It's fast because only a couple of techers are on the Internet since the school year hasn't started yet)


Do you have faster ones? Post them, i'm interested to see!


   Christian || http://Doolgo.com


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yeah... that's fast for sure. That will definitely bump you up in the ranking.

Lol, you're #5 right now. https://testmy.net/memberstats



:D I hope I get even higher with more Test's bringing up my Average! :)



:toothy6: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,<< he CHEATED!................................ :wave:

WOW, that's more than 2x my speed :/

Is that your home internet or one that you access online? (I don't know what it's called.)

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WOW, that's more than 2x my speed :/

Is that your home internet or one that you access online? (I don't know what it's called.)


This is a 'BURST", christian, something to do with build-up in ram cache...it happens once in awhile. but not enough, as you can check my speed results.. maybe someone can start a conversation on the subject.  :wave:



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In Wisconsin many Schools can purchase 1gb/1gb dedicated fiber connections for $300/month from a non-profit co-op. The bandwidth is purchased whole-sale from the state uni at cost. Since the state uni purchases bandwidth increments of 100gb, it's not much of an issue to get cheap bandwidth.


Doing trace routes via looking glass servers, they have many trunk lines. One line going from Madison to Chicago Level 3, Another from Madison to Chicago AT&T, another from Madison to Chicago Hurricane Electric, another going from Madison to an IX in Chicago, from Madison to different IX in Chicago, another link to an IX in Madison, where AT&T and Level 3 also connect. They seem to be peering with SoftLayer at one of those Chicago IXs.


Then another connection to Minnesota to Level 3, another 2 sets of connection via UW-Milwaukee down to Chicago directly to Level 3 and AT&T.


All of the state Universities are connected via a private fiber network, and they all purchase bandwidth from UW-Madison.


Needless to say, they don't have bandwidth issues.


I would love to see some speed tests from one of those servers.


I had to get some 13GB of family photos from a relative once. He tossed them up on one of his servers, told me the server has a 10gb interface, and his department has a 20gb link to the Madison trunk. My 30mb connection suddenly felt slow.

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