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New to the forums, but have been testing speeds with TMN for a very long time... I don't remember how long, so please don't ask... hah


So far I like what I see and will likely pop in and out of the Security & Firewalls section(s); that is where my passions lie.

Look forward to chatting with yall.


Take care,


Mr. Yukon

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I've been considering switching from cable to FiOS... "consistent" is the top reason.  Of course not having been on FiOS yet it's only a perception... great to hear someone making "consistent" as a statement in relation to FiOS!  Thanks!


I live in the Seattle area - geek mecca - and it's astounding to me that our only broadband wired options are Comcast cable or Frontier FiOS (with a max package rate of "35MB"... someone in marketing apparently doesn't know the difference between a bit and a byte https://west.frontier.com/pricing ... I'm certain they're not giving 35MB/s away for $49.99/mo). [nerdly]


BTW, nice place you got here!

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Thank you both for the warm welcome.


Gotta love that sweet, sweet fiber optic honey. Apparently, I have the ability to sign up for speeds up to 300/65 or something like that... The rep. says most people can't get that high... ODD


Anyway, I may post content on security hardware. I don't do much on the software side of things.





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