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Only getting 10% of promised Internet speed

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Hi Damon,


How can I get Elisa to update my internet connection so that I get the 10Mbs I pay for rather than 1.08 downloading and .84 uploading that I am getting now ?



Hi George,

Complain.  They should deliver at least 80% to be considered good.  60% is the absolute minimum... I would be very angry if my ISP delivered less than 60% of the package speed.


First, I don't see that you've registered, register.  That way your stats will be saved by username, if your IP changes the results will follow you.
Test from multiple mirrors to show that it's not isolated in the route and try the multithread speed test to see if your connection performs better with extra threads. Multithread test mimics the way that website content, torrents and usenet download. It also has the ability to test across the entire TMN global network using a single test... providing what I think is the most comprehensive speed test result available.  Also try running an automatic speed test, which will provide a curve over time and show you if you've got issues only during certain hours. Use the options I provide to get the best picture of your connection overall.  If you do all of that and aren't able to get anywhere close to your speed, you deserve an explanation.  Hit your ISP up with the results and make them deliver on your agreement!


Good luck, I hope TMN helps... if it does, let me know.  :wink:

- Damon - TestMy.net

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