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ok thats something i can do. i need to test out my new version of sony vegas anyway :P.


im currently just working on recording some activities, map overlay, etc. and will just edit together a gameplay with a small commentary over certain screens, options, events. im currently still not feeling well and have been doing some other stuff but im definitely working on it.






on a side note, i beat the story line and am on the last bits of the side missions and they are hilarious. definitely a game i could play through a couple times and choose different options just to see how it all lays out. i love this frickin game lol.

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well turns out my microphone (blue snowball ice) isnt compatible with windows 7 and even the firmware update wont complete installation so i had to use the one mic i had at the time. my turtle beach x12's. so my voice (like 4 seconds) sounds way weird, plus im sick so hey whatever :P.


but i threw together just me doing a few random things. didnt wanna talk about the story at all in case of spoilers and really just messed around for an hour and edited out the driving.

which i must admit the driving is wayyyy better than saints row or gta 4. it actually responds to the road conditions, speed, etc. anyway enjoy me just running around.


btw im currently almost done with the strangers side missions and am done with the story. which was absolutely beast!

when online comes out im getting a crew together and we are gonna raise hell.


  again, i appologize for my mic. it uhh...was some bad luck with my primary source. but the gameplay is rendered out to be 720p at 30fps (to save time rendering. which actually only took like 15 minutes)...then again the youtube uploading takes ages!

one thing i want to make very clear is that the police chases in this game are completely different. the cops actually try to spin you out and take out your car, block the roads, take cover when needed, etc. and if you are hiding from the cops and they are actively searching for you it has a line of sight mechanic where if you dont actually get spotted by an officer physically seeing you, you wont be chased. works amazing.


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with the release of gta online is anyone on ps3? i have everything set up, but the servers are so slammed, it isnt working atm.


oh well bf4 beta was fun, but feels COMPLETELY different to bf3, its kinda weird.  anyway, gta online or bf4, lemme know if you play and wanna join a game later.


btw, on the bf4 beta im on pc not ps3....ultra graphics look amazing, but yet something in this game doesnt feel as awesome as bf3 does...maybe the aiming or something, idk, just feels more like cod to me and thats a bad thing.

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