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Disconnect my service! Send a Tech! Fix my bill!

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I get emails like this all the time. Sometimes people are confused and think that I'm somehow associated with the ISPs and companies I provide information on. I'm not... I can't access your account, I can't send a tech and I definitely can't disconnect your service. TestMy.net is a third party and is in no way associated with any of the companies and ISPs listed.

Well it took me 13min to get this far my account is _______ if you do not get someone out to fix my dish this account is closed your dish will be laying on the ground phone ___-___-____

Hi Alan,

Unfortunately you've contacted TestMy.net not Wildblue. It's actually not uncommon for people to email me thinking that I'm affiliated with the companies and ISPs I provide information on. I even get random calls on my cell phone, one just yesterday actually.

I talk to some ISPs, I prodive tests for some ISPs but I do not have any affiliation with any ISPs. I just provide the tests to help you keep them honest about the speeds you're supposed to get. I work for the consumer.

Contact Wildblue - I wish you luck getting the best speed possible in your area. Maybe that's with Wildblue... maybe someone else. I assume that if you're on satellite, you must be stuck with limited options (satellite is usually not by choice, lol). In my ISP ranking ViaSat rates higher than Wildblue and Hughes Net. ... but I haven't seen any other them first hand. I just know about the complaints I hear. Wildblue and Hughes I'd bet have the lowest satisfaction rate in the industry. I've been doing what I do since 1996... out of all the ISPs I've had complaints on there are three that stand out as consistently pissing off their customers. Wildblue, Hughes Network and SmartBro (an Asian wifi ISP). They're pretty much even on the number of complaints I've heard.

Just realize that satellite has limitations, there is a huge roundtrip involved as the data flies out into orbit and back to earth... it then has to take the conventional land routes that other people take. The latency is what kills you. Having said that, there are a lot of advances in satellite in recent years that have boosted speed. Do your homework, make sure you're getting good equipment and have it installed by someone highly experienced. If you have other options in your area like CABLE, DSL or 4G LTE you will always get better results with those over satellite. Even at lower speeds you'd have a more reliable, snappy, responsive and better Internet experience.

- Good luck, happy testing,

- Damon - TestMy.net

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