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Mouseover tooltips in grahps

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Love your service. Finding speed tests that are both accurate and consistent is difficult these days. One thing: it would be extremely handy if the result history chart showed test dates, particularly in the mouseover tooltip. Thanks!


Hi jrivett,

Thanks for the kind words.  I'll be revisiting the charting again soon and top priority is to provide details on the mouseover.  The thing is, TMN does this now if the chart is only displaying one type of test.  It's turned off when you introduce two types because I allow upload and download tests to be taken separately, there is often an uneven number of one or the other and I only have a single axis to put the information.  I'm working on it, it can be hard to get to because I have so much other development going on.  Although, I agree, it's an annoying detail that needs to be addressed sooner than later.
If you click 'only download' or 'only upload below the graph, above the details... then you'll see that information on mouseover.  I hope to have that fixed to always display in v14, coming soon.
Thank you for your continued patronage, please help spread the word... TestMy.net is word-of-mouth so I rely on people like you to tell more people like you.  :)
- Damon - TestMy.net


Damon –


Ah, that makes sense – thanks! You could add a small message explaining that to the chart. I mean, instead of changing the way the chart works. Now that I know, I’ll be using that feature a lot.


I’ve been telling everyone about TMN (and your best competitor in these days of crappy Flash-based tests, Speedof.me). Knowing how to get dates on mouseover now will help.




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