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How do I get my company listed on TestMy.net or edit a listing

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How do we get our site listed on your Testmy?





Hi Albert,

All you need to do is run tests from your network.  You must own the IP blocks you test from.  If you lease from a 3rd party it will be recorded in their name.  Everything is automated and built by the TestMy.net program based on the information collected by previous tests.  A couple ways you can tell what I've detected from your IP is...
  1. Go to the TestMy.net homepage, look under the main menu > Database > Your Detected Info
  2. Go to https://testmy.net/iptools
  3. Go to https://testmy.net/database
My IP databases come from Maxmind, if you feel that a correction needs to be made submit to http://www.maxmind.com/en/correction - if a correction is made it will carry over to TMN.  But will only affect new results after the update.
Hope this helps, thank you for your patronage.  Feel free to direct further questions directly to me.
- Damon - TestMy.net


Dear Damon,


Thank you so much.

I will pass your info to the appropriate department.




Albert ______

Business Development Director



Hi Damon,


Albert went ahead and forwarded me your information.  Since signing up, we’ve created our dedicated url is https://testmy.net/hoststats/colocation_america_c.


The only difference is the link to our website on the bottom of our results as shown in the “example” .


Please tell me how we can include our link.


Thank you,


Shawn ______

Marketing Director


Hey Shawn,

I made edits to your database entry.  Your logo with and a link to your site is now provided on Colocation America's stats page on TMN.  Pretty sure this is what you're after.   :)
- Kind Regards,
- Damon - TestMy.net
Note: If you have a listing that is already showing up in the hoststats database and would like to add your company logo, edit the name displayed, add links to your website / forum / wiki / blog or any other edits simply contact me with the appropriate information and I'll add the information to my database.  I may add wikipedia style editing in the future.

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